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  Hi Ho Bastard b/w Fear No More by Lonelady

Hi Ho Bastard b/w Fear No More cover art

Artist: Lonelady
Title: Hi Ho Bastard b/w Fear No More
Catalogue Number: Filthy Home Recordings FHCD0101
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2005

Association is a funny thing. That's probably why these use in psychoanalysis. And in football. Getting to the point, all sorts of strange associations came into mind as we listened to these two tracks from Lonelady.

Firstly, there is the case of "Hi Ho Bastard". The (altered) image of Clare Grogan popped into the mind. Only this time she has a knife and a monster sized bad attitude. She is out to wreak revenge on all the women in the world who have been wronged by a man. Of course, no one is innocent but she isn't leaving any evidence - at least none that is alive. Lonelady, however, appears to be prepared to forgive a man his considerable failings. Maybe.

"Fear No More ", on the other hand, is gentler and almost mournful in tone. Her guitar echoes her pain. It's like a folk song but sung with a soul singer's intensity. There's a full five minutes in there but it seems to pass in an instant. Fearsome and beautiful.

Lo on "fi" and high on emotion, these songs make a most welcome change from the anodyne, inoffensive popsicles that our children are given as music these days. Songs like these should be on the curriculum as music is only real when it comes from the heart and that is an important lesson to learn.
Review Date: May 28 2008