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  Sisters by Sisters

Sisters cover art

Artist: Sisters
Title: Sisters
Catalogue Number: Death By Audio DBA001
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

Apparently there is a music collective in Brooklyn, New York called Death by Music and they release some offbeat albums by the likes of this band, Sisters.

In some ways, this album is like a history of nineties music with the ghosts of New Order and Husker Du getting exorcised once more. It is not the first time that these sprits have been raised from the dead but there is some strange kind of voodoo at work this time. These songs grab you and slap you around in a rather aggressive manner. Guitars get pumped well in overdrive. The drums teeter about on the edge of the precipice named out of control. That is perhaps the defining quality here. "Accolades", for example, starts pretty conventionally then just spawns a mosh pit out of nowhere. It's a big, brash sound and you can smell the sweat of a hundred guys slamming madly into each other. The post punk joys of "Street Cars" caused our ears to perk right up followed by an overwhelming urge to turn the volume up to the max and if you want to hear a guitar used as an offensive weapon then try "In The Mood".  It's ragged, it isn't hi-fi but it is real. In fact, Bluesbunny doubts if these guys have ever seen a sequencer or a sampler and we'll happily take emotion over perfection any day.

To further compound their madness, Sisters supplied the review copy as a cassette and a green cassette at that. A cassette seemed particularly appropriate. So did playing it loud.

Available from Death by Audio Records.
Review Date: June 10 2008