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  Fat Back and Corn Liquor by Andre Williams

Fat Back and Corn Liquor cover art

Artist: Andre Williams
Title: Fat Back and Corn Liquor
Catalogue Number: St George Records STG7705
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 1996

If you like 50's style rhythm and blues, then you will like Andre Williams. After all, he has been practising his art since then - anybody remember "The Greasy Chicken"? Like all legends, he never really went away. When this album was recorded in 1995, he was back in public view.

There is plenty of humour in his performance and the backing band (the Chicago Rhythm and Blues band with the Eldorados) delivers the goods on every song. The Blues Bunny appreciates a good drinking song and there are some quality examples here. My particular favourite was "Gin". In this song, Andre relates a tale of an attempted negotiation with the judge after being arrested for a drink related offence.

If you need your mood lifted and only some smut will do it, this is hard to beat. Good time music and that's the truth.

Review Date: February 19 2008