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  Do It Yourself EP by Lou Hickey

Do It Yourself EP cover art

Artist: Lou Hickey
Title: Do It Yourself EP
Catalogue Number: Loulabelle Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

Ah, melodrama. A bit of cabaret, perhaps. All the way from the Kit-Kat Club to sunny (stop it you're killing me…) Glasgow comes Lou Hickey and her take on what is usually described as "the melodramatic popular song"

From the opening piano and cello figures of "One Man Tango", you can smell the cigars and decadence. You are in a room full of beautiful people caught in the candlelight of heartbreak and sorrow. Ms Hickey gets into character and gives her vocals some suitably show tune stylings that complement her words.  Then there is "Starlight" - a big song played with elegance and a sense of drama. It's practically a Woody Allen movie set to song as it overflows with angst. But it sticks in your mind. Yes, it does.

Now, if you want a real cruise missile of a song then the closing track of this EP - "Pop Song" -  is the one for you. You can't hide from this one. It will find you. Ms Hickey spits acid whilst smiling sweetly - "… its so nice watching you throw it all away" - and Gregg Muir's trumpet provides the sonic punctuation that make sense of the proceedings. Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. Better buy the EP just in case you wrong her at some future point in time. It might just save your life.

Hands up if you are a musician in a relationship that works. Nobody? Thought so. Otherwise what would you write songs about?
Review Date: June 19 2008