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  Strike Up the Band by The Black 100s

Strike Up the Band cover art

Artist: The Black 100s
Title: Strike Up the Band
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

With simple line drawings on the cover, first impressions are of something straightforward and honest. Indeed that is what we get from The Black 100s which turns out to be the trading name for one Thomas Handschiegel.

It has to be said that Thomas Handschiegel's vocals are a bit of a trial. His voice just plain grates sounding more like your tone deaf Uncle Bill than a professional singer. His guitar work, for the most part, falls into the same trap of awkwardness. So why do we even bother reviewing it? Well, the songs are a good bit above average (especially "Long Black Train", "Dead Dead Dead" and the dark and misty "Im Ne Darnht Night") and that bodes well for his future. He can tell a story in song and that isn't too easy. A better songwriter than a singer without a doubt making this album more of a songwriter's showcase than anything else.
Review Date: June 19 2008