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  Cockpit by Ghettobilies

Cockpit cover art

Artist: Ghettobilies
Title: Cockpit
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2005

One of Bluesbunny's favourite live acts, the Ghettobillies have long peddled their lively blend of musicianship and smut. Who can forget the uplifting "Facts of Life" hidden at the end of the Still In The Pink album? It was easy to see why they would not get the radio airplay that they deserve.

With this CD, things look to be changing. This is a very commercial CD and very radio friendly. The production is polished and the musicianship is exemplary. After a couple of plays, it all seemed to gel into a concept album - sort of late 70's Genesis only good. Then it all made sense. The Ghettobillies have not sold out. Their warped sense of humour has led them to create source material for the next Andrew Lloyd Webber style musical blockbuster. Listen to the CD and see what I mean.

Best tracks are "Big Black Jet" (back in the days, this would have been a 7 inch single, a "platter that matters") and "Mayday". The CD loses one carrot for making me think of Andrew Lloyd Webber but can otherwise be safely recommended.
Review Date: June 21 2007