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  Springboard by The Water Callers

Springboard cover art

Artist: The Water Callers
Title: Springboard
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

Jason Fagg might never sleep but there's nothing tiresome about "Springboard", the latest release from The Water Callers. Together with his musical accomplice, Bart Matthews, Fagg has completed an album of enjoyable country songs.

The album kicks to life on "A Night Like This" - it really hits the ground running although it suggests little of what's to come. "Look, Sweet Girl" is the first real indication of the album's true feel. As far as embarrassingly sweet love songs go, this is up with the best. It flows just like a gentle summer breeze. Heartbreak is a theme that seems forever bonded to the country music's rusty hip. So, if you choose to write a country song, you're as well doing it right. "Caroline" does just that. A future truck stop café favourite anywhere between Tennessee and North Carolina.

There's even room for a little religious imagery on "Green Pastures". However, the band's sound is at its best on "Time After Time" which closes the album perfectly.

Due to the fact that Jason Fagg seems eternally engaged in his interests - among them, photography, composing, and astrology - this act might never amount to more than a few more albums of truly engaging country songs and the occasional sell-out show. That would be a shame, because albums like this don't come by very often.

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Review Date: June 23 2008