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  Loud Music by David Grissom

Loud Music cover art

Artist: David Grissom
Title: Loud Music
Catalogue Number: Wide Lode Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

David Grissom has been around the musical block a few times and his new solo album Loud Music is an achievement that helps you to understand why experience in any industry has no price tag. David has recorded with the Allman Brothers, Robben Ford, John Mayall, Ringo Starr… the list is long and impressive. This artist knows his instrument; he has a book out titled A Guide to Blues/Rock Guitar Soloing (Cherry Lane Music) that will give you a good idea of his expertise.
Grissom has some well-known performers on Loud Music such as Pat Mastelotto and Chris Layton on drums, names that would ring a bell with anyone that has a good knowledge of recorded music.
Grissom has a great bluesy country voice that I found very engaging. He made me feel like I was the living out the story with him as he sang while playing his guitar. I was starting to feel the whole thing was in chorus with my rhythm and he totally rocked my socks off. This guy can kick out the jams!
As the opening track, "Lonesome Dave" (perhaps a tribute to Foghat's deceased Lonesome Dave Peverett) kicks off this barnburner of an album…all I could think of was SRV and Double Trouble so maybe Chris Layton should have stepped behind the drum kit for this one. Grissom's guitar work is extraordinary-He draws from the deep wells of the blues, country, and rock to create his masterpieces of raw energy filled with swift guitar licks on primarily instrumental voyages of delight. I was reminded of incredible players like Danny Gatton and the trio from The Hellecaster's, who seemed to have all that lightning captured in a bottle…the ability to blend three different genres into one powerful ear catching toe tapping tune that you cannot resist.
There are only three tracks with vocals, the title track "Loud Music" and "Sake and Venom," both are smokin' hot numbers and the closer "Midnight Drive," a blues-country ballad featuring a different side of the artist with some softer vocals and some wicked slide guitar (think Allman Brothers in their prime). "Lucy G" was one of my favourite instrumentals. It starts with a dog barking and you hear it one more time around the middle of track, which gives it that backcountry feel. Although all of the tracks display Grissom as an outstanding virtuoso it was this one that really made my ears perk up more than any other. 
Loud Music is a great album and one that I have found very difficult to keep out my stereo. It is a great thing to see an artist step out from behind the shadows of others to show what they can do when left to using just their own original talents without having to pay attention to what someone else wants. In this case, it worked out very well and I hope to hear more solo work from this cat very soon, he is on fire!

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Review Date: June 25 2008