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  Couldn't Dance b/w Teenage Fanclub Song by Kid Canaveral

Couldn't Dance b/w Teenage Fanclub Song cover art

Artist: Kid Canaveral
Title: Couldn't Dance b/w Teenage Fanclub Song
Catalogue Number: Straight to Video STV-002
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

In a world that promotes the perception of value over the actual content, it is refreshing to drop the needle into the groove and hear some straight down the line pop music escape into the world. Hooks, melodies and that uplifting feeling - you know you want it! Here we have an example of this oft overlooked approach to music making from Kid Canaveral.

"Couldn't Dance" rushes at you like a happy little terrier and there's an actual Scottish accent on show (as you would expect from a 4 piece band from Fife these days). It took me right back in time with those lyrics capturing the joys of youthful misadventure like "… I couldn't dance - I just passed out and they threw me out". David McGregor does a star turn on the lead vocals capturing what could well be the quintessential expression of working class student angst.

On the flipside and competing in the category of Hanging your Influences on your Sleeve is "Teenage Fanclub Song". It all works out well though and this is another jaunty piece of indie pop guaranteed to bring a smile to your face.

There is even a CD of the two songs supplied with the single. It makes for a good drinks coaster. Songs like this are too good for a CD and are truly destined for that most glorious medium of musical transmission - the seven inch single.
Review Date: June 28 2008