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  Night Generation by La Fleur Fatale

Night Generation cover art

Artist: La Fleur Fatale
Title: Night Generation
Catalogue Number: Killer Cobra KCR103
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

A Swedish psychedelic band? That would be La Fleur Fatale so we are told. We get them all here at Bluesbunny Towers. Not that they are really psychedelic of course. There are Ray Manzarek style keyboards in there and the harmonies are pure late sixties/early seventies California but the most impressive thing about this album is the songs. Can you believe that they contain hooks and melodies? Well believe it because they do. Not just one or two songs either as this entire album is full of them.

From the pure West Coast delights of the title track "Night Generation" through the embarrassingly catchy "Sunshine Underground" to the hippy trippy "Free the View", this band's influences are clear. Nothing wrong with that of course but before you dismiss them as mere pretender to a throne once occupied by the Doors or the Strawberry Alarm Clock take a listen to "Swift Flash of Mind" or "Sister Fatale". Now there's an indie crowd satisfying, festival tent filling pair of songs for you. La Fleur Fatale even manage a bit of neo Lennon melancholia ("Seven Years") to end the album as well. All bases covered (and a hidden track right at the end too)!

It's a pretty simple idea - just give people songs that they can sing along with and put a veneer of the past over them. Hooks and melodies are a bit of a novelty these days and this album could well become one of those essential purchases for the summer of 2008 because of them and, in consequence, will surely be heard booming out of iPods everywhere. Maybe there is a future for pop music after all.

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Review Date: June 29 2008