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  I am the Singer You are The Song by Randan Discotheque

I am the Singer You are The Song cover art

Artist: Randan Discotheque
Title: I am the Singer You are The Song
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

In a world full of conformity, it is always good to find an individual. Even in the entertainment business where insanity and triviality often share the same bed, the end result is often uninspired. One thing that you have to give Randan Discotheque with this album "I am the Singer You are the Song" is that they don't quite fit the mould.

From the pen of Craig Coulthard comes 13 songs that share an oddball charm (and a strange affinity for reverb too). There's a bit of political commentary mixed with sarcasm in "The Prince Must Go to Iraq". In days gone by, this folk flavoured ditty would have got you jailed for treason. But underneath it all there is the soul of a clean living country boy as evidenced by the dryly amusing "Courting" as it bounces out of the speakers. With the aforementioned reverb maxed out, the best song of the album, "Love is on the Line", lays on the woe and melodrama to great effect. It should be on a David Lynch movie soundtrack, perhaps in a scene set in a strip club. There are some more conventional musical moments but the overall feeling is of musical experimentation. Nothing wild and dramatic but everything is just that little bit outside the norm.

Randan Discotheque is a cracking name for a band and, for once, is indicative of a real quirkiness. In terms of vocal performances, you'll easily find a better singer but we can honestly say that you won't get bored with this album in a hurry.
Review Date: June 30 2008