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  Doreen EP by Muck and the Mires

Doreen EP cover art

Artist: Muck and the Mires
Title: Doreen EP
Catalogue Number: Dirty Water Records DWC1013
Review Format: EP
Release Year: 2008

Ah, simpler times! Those days when men were men and music was real. This 10 inch slab of vinyl from Boston based band Muck and the Mires brought it all back to this Bluesbunny. Produced by the legendary Kim Fowley and Maria Baglien, these are four songs that work out just fine.

"Doreen" brings us arrogant, strutting guitars, gritty vocals and it's about a girl as well though you might well have guessed that from the title. There is a timeless quality about this song and it could have been released anytime in the last 40 years. The Beatles would have covered it in the Cavern days. Eddie and the Hotrods would have covered in those days when pub rock metamorphosed into punk. These days Status Quo would probably play it on a farewell tour.

Likewise "Poor Little Girl" is another sweetheart of a song that fits right into the good old fashioned rock 'n' roll genre. Made of guitar solos, banging drums and sweat, you know this one will shake the room in some low rent club. Nobody goes to clubs like that and drinks mineral water - it just wouldn't be right. Beer and bourbon needs a soundtrack and "Hypnotic" is clearly suited to that task. "Hang All over Me" is more overtly American in its sound with less in the way of rawness and more in the way of harmonies.

Four tracks and no misses! Crank it all the way up and enjoy.
Review Date: July 3 2008