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  Chauvinistas! by The Agrarians

Chauvinistas! cover art

Artist: The Agrarians
Title: Chauvinistas!
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

In the urban backwoods of Baltimore there lives a man. A strange man called Matt Perzinski. What does this man do? He adopts the guise of The Agrarians and produces albums that make you question your sanity - and maybe his too!

If memory serves, this is the third Agrarians album to come the Bluesbunny's way this year so the man Perzinski is nothing if not prolific. The thing about his music is the lyrics. They confuse and perturb you. There's big words in there. They seem to symbolise obsession and those words gets used to paint disturbing word pictures. That's it. It's like some kind of alternative poetry.  An exorcism of madness, perhaps? The words in themselves don't make that much sense and the (deliberately?) bland acoustic guitar hardly distracts you. Other instruments appear like they just walked in off the street, had a beer, and joined in. Of the songs, "The Taste of You" could be allegorical and sordid but it could also be the ramblings of a madman. Nothing is certain here. "With Hue of Violet" might well be what home brewed psychedelic rock sounds like at four in the morning and somewhere amongst the "love, death and reverie" the road to hell becomes the path to love. 

A lot of people won't get this music. In fact, I'm not even sure that I do all the time. Maybe you just can't when you're running clean and sober. Maybe you have to have the passion and the madness running in your veins. Just like that potential serial killer on the cover art…
Review Date: July 6 2008