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  When We All Live in Igloos by Mexican Kids at Home

When We All Live in Igloos cover art

Artist: Mexican Kids at Home
Title: When We All Live in Igloos
Catalogue Number: Wee Pop POP! 016
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

More cuteness from Wee Pop Records. This time they have trawled deepest darkest Derbyshire to unearth Mexican Kids at Home. As is usually the case with artists on that particular record label, Mexican Kids at Home verge on the obscure existing in only in the twilight of specialist websites and in the hearts of students of all ages everywhere.

Twee doesn't quite cover things this time, however, as this particular band sound like a cross between shoegazers and medieval troubadours. There is an understated charm to tracks like "Down by the Fire". It sounds slight almost like it is held together by own brand sellotape and would make the perfect accompaniment to hand holding in the park. The sweet, innocent harmonies that kick off "Start a One Man Band" complement the feelings of isolation that the lyrics evoke. As these troubadours head back on to the road with the charming "A Tiny Bronco", you have to worry for their safety. In a music business replete with strong language, illegal substances and dodgy practices, they would surely get eaten up.

A nice example of the genre and, as usual, packaged with remarkable care and attention by Thor and Camila at Wee Pop Records.
Review Date: July 8 2008