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  We See Lights by We See Lights

We See Lights cover art

Artist: We See Lights
Title: We See Lights
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

Bluesbunny is based in Scotland and it always brings us pleasure to hear a Scottish accent in the music that we review. You won't doubt that We See Lights are from Scotland when you hear them but hopefully you will get to appreciate their song writing talents as much as I did.

Some people might bring up comparisons with the Proclaimers on the basis of the accents alone. There is, however, rather more to them. Whilst some of the songs would fit into the soundtrack of "Gregory's Girl", the arrangements show a complexity and depth that more closely echo such luminaries as Deacon Blue.  The mainstream appeal of  songs like "Shy" and "Vines" are clear. Warmth and humanity run freely amongst the lyrics raising this band well above other pretenders to the throne of pop supremacy with "Atrophy" even bearing comparison with the songs of the soon-to-be-legendary-outside-of-Glasgow Woodenbox.  A special mention is also due to the stadium chant-along that opens this album - "Bright Lights" has pride stamped all over it.

Also noteworthy is Ric Rogass's supportive production. The album actually sounds rather fine indeed and that is rather less common that you would expect in these days of digital perfection. Pretty damn good!
Review Date: July 9 2008