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  Far Enough Away by Jen Cohen

Far Enough Away cover art

Artist: Jen Cohen
Title: Far Enough Away
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 1999

Another CD that was added to the BluesBunny collection courtesy of a sale at online independent music store CDBaby. Just give a Bluesbunny a discount and he will buy everything! However, we have a little gem here. We find it hard to believe that Jen Cohen has not come to our attention before. Hailing from Nashville, she is truly a singer of note. There is a touch of country here but bucketloads of humanity are also on show. 

Possessing a very distinctive voice and excellent taste in songs, Jen Cohen brings her own unique stamp to Steve Earle's "Fearless Heart" and Aretha's "Baby I Love You" (now there's a brave choice).  Her approach to the songs on this album is direct and unflinching and like the great song interpreter that she is, every song becomes her own. She manages to inject a part of herself into every song unlike so many purveyors of musical sterility these days. The standout track for us is the heartbreaking "Gone". Maybe it had just been a bad week but this song of people drifting apart hit the mark and it stuck in the Bluesbunny memory. We would not be surprised if future generations hail this album as a classic. It's that good.
Review Date: July 23 2007