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  Hey Boy – You’re Oh So Sensitive by The Just Joans

Hey Boy – You’re Oh So Sensitive cover art

Artist: The Just Joans
Title: Hey Boy – You’re Oh So Sensitive
Catalogue Number: Wee Pop POP!019
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

And then there's sunny Lanarkshire. It would be the ideal holiday destination if it weren't for just about everything about it. Except for The Just Joans that is. True, they do seem a bit quaint almost as if their music has locked then into a time machine populated with records by Morrissey and Susan Maughan. But is that a bad thing?

You could look on these songs as being self pitying teenage heartbreak or you could look at them - as Bluesbunny does - as an age old story told once more. Half sung vocals and sugar sweet harmonies enliven the songs with "Grant Kelly" taking us straight back to our school days. The cynicism of this reviewer was further overcome by what might be best described as the pleasing sentimentality of the lyrics. The seeming triviality of "The Tellys Shite…" speaks from the soul. When you're young, hanging about in the rain looking up at his/her bedroom window could be done without getting accused of being a stalker. No one wants to be alone anyway. Until your first divorce of course then you just hope that her lawyer was wearing a condom. As a counterpoint, "Ma Baby (he's boring)" launches itself up to near epic level of teenage woe about the inadequacies of your significant other. Don't take your woman for granted, my friend, as you might end up the subject of such a song one day. At least you were better than nothing. Just.

Unlucky in love might well be the trademark of The Just Joans but you would have to be one right soulless bastard if their music did not raise a wry smile and bring back a fond memory or two. Better than a bottle of Buckfast!
Review Date: July 14 2008