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  Sideways Here We Come b/w People Talk by Die Die Die

Sideways Here We Come b/w People Talk cover art

Artist: Die Die Die
Title: Sideways Here We Come b/w People Talk
Catalogue Number: Too Pure PURE219S
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

Another release from the Too Pure Singles Club, the two songs occupying this particular seven inch are from New Zealand band Die Die Die. As their name might suggest, this is not exactly uplifting stuff.

"Sideways Here We Come" sounds like every other downbeat indie band that you've ever heard - repetitive drum patterns, jagged guitar riffs and angst ridden vocals. Maybe it is the amount of time that this Bluesbunny has spent in the recording studio lately but you can all too easily spot all the repeating parts that make up this song. There is a bit more life about the flipside "People Talk" but it still sounds like it was assembled rather than performed. Not a lot of imagination on show here.

Looking at the front cover, the members of the band have their eyes blanked no doubt in an attempt to hide their true identity. Likewise on the back cover, they once again hide their faces. There are many better practitioners of this genre of music so this release is hardly essential.
Review Date: July 19 2008