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  Radio Friendly b/w Maggie Loves Hopey by The Starlets

Radio Friendly b/w Maggie Loves Hopey cover art

Artist: The Starlets
Title: Radio Friendly b/w Maggie Loves Hopey
Catalogue Number: Stereotone Stereo 4501
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

In music, imagination is everything. If the best you can do is sound like a hundred other bands then your chances of success are (hopefully!) limited. This release from the Starlets unfortunately gave the Bluesbunny a bad case of déjà vu.

It was not enough that "Radio Friendly" was reminiscent of so many other mid range independent bands (especially those signed to major labels or their subsidiaries) and even the song itself was an object example of the overuse of technology. Even within the boundaries of its own running time, it just ran round and round in increasingly small circles.

Fortunately the flipside, "Maggie Loves Hopey", had redeeming features throwing a sense of melancholy and confusion into this dirge like tune. It is actually much better than our description might suggest and at least hints that this band might have a spark in there somewhere.

No doubt they'll be big in Japan…
Review Date: July 19 2008