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  Undone by Salon Society

Undone cover art

Artist: Salon Society
Title: Undone
Catalogue Number: First Aid Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

It is always good to see a band develop. Bluesbunny fell under the spell of Salon Society sometime ago after seeing them perform live with lead singer Roxanne's dramatic flourishes providing an effective counterpoint to the earnest singer songwriters circumnavigating the Glasgow circuit.

So here we have their first single, "Undone". You can tell that a lot of care has gone into its production. It is a mid paced ballad but it builds. That sense of drama that permeates their live performances is clearly evident. Roxanne's vocals have confidence and restraint. She does not go over the top even though the song would let her do so and there are layers of tasteful guitars to keep your ears interested too. More than a touch ahead of what your rough and ready indie types can do.

A classy song without a doubt and Bluesbunny recommends that you see this band live when the dramatic abilities of Roxanne come to the fore.
Review Date: July 19 2008