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  Goldie by Goldie Hawn

Goldie cover art

Artist: Goldie Hawn
Title: Goldie
Catalogue Number: Reprise MS2061
Review Format: LP
Release Year: 1972

Don't actually remember how this album from Goldie Hawn ended up in the Vinyl Vault. In fact, this Bluesbunny can't even remember having any sort of adolescent fixation on Ms Hawn. Cheryl Ladd was a whole different matter of course, but that would take us well off topic.

Even looking at the cover, Ms Hawn does not look like the potential subject of a teenage fantasy. She has a "rabbit caught in the headlights" look when you look at it. Maybe the attempt at a pout just went wrong. Who knows? Anyway, you know the music is going to be wholesome when there is a picture of Ms Hawn with her father on the back of the sleeve. Musical credibility comes courtesy of Dolly Parton and Porter Wagoner. Part of the album was recorded in Nashville after all.

The songs that make up this album are an odd selection. Dolly Parton supplies "My Blue Tears". Bob Dylan supplies "I'll Be Your Baby Tonight". Van Morrison supplies "I Wanna Woo You". Ms Hawn actually does a decent job on the vocals and the backing musicians are all seasoned pros. Sonically we are talking a balance between pop and country and it does actually bear comparison with similar efforts like Nancy Sinatra's "Country, My Way" album. Nowadays, most country music is like this anyway (OK, play spot the fiddle in your won time…) so this could be looked on as a bit of a trendsetter. Or perhaps not.

Actually, this album passes the time pleasantly enough. No idea if it advanced Ms Hawn's career any but she did pretty well out of the whole acting thing anyway. A curiosity then and a quick rummage on the Internet thingy turned up a CD of the album that is still available. Now, if only I could remember the when, why etc of how this album got itself bought…
Review Date: July 26 2008