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  Will the Fetus Be Aborted? b/w The Lost World by Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon

Will the Fetus Be Aborted? b/w The Lost World cover art

Artist: Jello Biafra & Mojo Nixon
Title: Will the Fetus Be Aborted? b/w The Lost World
Catalogue Number: Alternative Tentacles VIRUS136
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 1993

There is nothing like a bit of controversy to get you publicity. A bit of controversy, that is, not a wheelbarrow load. It is hard to think of someone nowadays who would go to bat with a single called "Will the Fetus be Aborted". Back in 1993, those two rock reprobates Jello Biafra and Mojo Nixon did. Come to think of it, the man Jello might well still pull a stunt that like today. He's that kind of guy.

As you can imagine, the song is about abortion and is delivered as a full tilt country flavoured hoe down that is quite frankly jaw dropping. You laugh (somewhat nervously) at a song that starts "Peggy Sue got pregnant and was addicted to fifteen drugs…" and then further entertains us with more examples likely to offend the moral majority. The single itself is housed in a fold out sleeve featured all sorts of press cuttings (real or imaginary, who knows?) with a quality advert for a Pope John Paul II style windbreaker jacket. Something to offend everyone!

On second thoughts, they really don't make them like this any more. Don't think they sold too many of this record either…
Review Date: July 31 2008