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  Suzanne b/w Dinosaur by Love Ends Disaster

Suzanne b/w Dinosaur cover art

Artist: Love Ends Disaster
Title: Suzanne b/w Dinosaur
Catalogue Number: This is Fake DIY Records
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2007

As Andy Warhol once said, everybody deserves fifteen minutes of fame. It just seemed appropriate to quote Andy when we pulled this single from the Vinyl Vault from Love Ends Disaster. At the time of its release in 2007, it got its fair share of critical acclaim.

Whilst it is true to the indie rock genre, "Suzanne" avoids the pitfalls that so many bands of that ilk fall into. You know the sort of thing we refer to - power chords looped round endlessly and the (almost standard) bass player living inside the laptop. Here instead we get some drama. Every instrumental part fits together into a whole and is topped off with Matthew Oakes emotional delivery. It's all done with style and you can't help thinking about Spandau Ballet without the fashion (non)sense. Altogether quite spirited.

Keeping it company is "Dinosaur". Another snarling bit of indie rock, of course, but this time some offbeat guitar does the all important keeping your interest thing. Certainly far more than mere filler, it is yet more evidence that you should always play the flipside.

A whole lot better than so many of their contemporaries, it is hard to believe that this band did not break through. Then again, given the current state of the music industry, maybe it is not that surprising. Cream does not always rise to the top.
Review Date: August 1 2008