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  Blow by Rachel Scott

Blow cover art

Artist: Rachel Scott
Title: Blow
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

ose albums, they just keep on coming. From Serbia to Weymouth they all find their way through the letter box at Bluesbunny Towers. Weymouth? That's where Rachel Scott is from.

Ms Scott seems to have been brought up in the nineties or at least it seems so from her song writing. Sitting through this album was like listening to karaoke clones of all the pop hits from the latter part of that decade. The title track, "Blow", would fit the bill as a Spice Girls album track. It's even got a half rapped, streetwise feel to it. Likewise, "No Way" provides a remarkable feeling of déjà vu. It's not all bad, however. Slower songs like "Don't Dream Away" and "Through Her Eyes" do show some potential even if it is obscured by the limitations of the arrangement and production.

In spite of our comments above, there is nothing inherently wrong with the songs or the singer here. Pop music has always been in the business of looking backwards, after all. But where is the imagination? Even ten years ago, this collection would have been dismissed as derivative and even allowing for a miniscule production budget, it should have been possible to come up with something a bit more adventurous. 18 tracks is a lot for an album and perhaps it would have been better for Ms Scott to concentrate her efforts on smaller number of tracks.

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Review Date: August 3 2008