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  The Sounds of Megaphone Unlimited by Jason Willett

The Sounds of Megaphone Unlimited cover art

Artist: Jason Willett
Title: The Sounds of Megaphone Unlimited
Catalogue Number: MT6 Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

Sometimes ignorance is bliss and this Bluesbunny had been blissfully unaware of Jason Willett until the moment this compilation was inserted into the trusty CD player.

It turns out that he has been in, or otherwise part of, many obscure bands in the Maryland area like The Can Openers, The Jaunties and X-Ray Eyes and this compilation contains tracks by all these bands. It's all art house stuff and that is not necessarily a good thing. At least not given the evidence of these songs. Discord, chopped up distorted vocals and a mastery of the technical challenge of connecting a telephone to the mixing desk so that a call to Donut World could be made kind of indicate that making noise was more important than making music. Giving the songs different titles seemed a bit superfluous too, as there was little to effectively differentiate them.

To be positive, no doubt somebody out there likes this stuff or it would not have got released but to our ears this was both pretentious and dull.
Review Date: August 3 2008