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  The Third Twin by Eoin Dillon

The Third Twin cover art

Artist: Eoin Dillon
Title: The Third Twin
Catalogue Number: Kila Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

Irish piper Eoin Dillon cut his musical teeth playing the uilleann pipes as a founding member of Irish folk collective Kíla. A renowned uilleann pipe maker also, Dillon's first solo release, The Third Twin, came in 2006. An instrumental album in full, at times evoking thoughts of Planxty, Eoin and his band mates have captured that timeless Celtic sound with apparent ease.

The uilleann pipes, for those who have never heard them, have a much sweeter sound than that of their Scottish cousins, the bagpipes. "Liffey Reels" is wild and colourful, as if plucked straight from Temple Bar. The interestingly-titled "March of April Maye" carries a plaintive tone, yet is still undeniably beautiful. Terrific chemistry exists between Dillon and his accomplices - the same that was said of Andy Irvine and Liam O'Flynn in Planxty many moons ago.

By large, instrumental albums will only hold so much appeal before becoming repetitive and tired. However, this album is anything but dull. In this instance, hearing is believing.

This spirited gathering of celtic waltzes, jigs and reels runs free as the Liffey. No knowledge of Ireland or its past is needed in order to enjoy this album. However, it might just reel you in to the Emerald Isle.
Review Date: August 5 2008