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  I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend Judy is a Punk by Ramones

I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend Judy is a Punk cover art

Artist: Ramones
Title: I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend Judy is a Punk
Catalogue Number: Norton 45-065
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 1975

Here's an interesting curiosity recently found on the shelves of the local vinyl emporium - the original demo takes of "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" and "Judy is a Punk" from the Ramones. It's on vinyl (as it always should have been) so let's give it a spin and see if it deserves a place in the Vinyl Vault.

These two songs were recorded not long before the band signed to Sire and set about becoming a major influence on the fledgling British punk movement. Even though "I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend" here sounds more relaxed and conventional (much more like their garage band roots than the two minute sonic sledgehammer sellers that they rapidly became) you can feel that there is something a bit special going on. Needless to say, flipping the single over and cranking up the volume on "Judy is a Punk" puts things right on the track to legendary status. In retrospect, the Ramones must have hit musicians across the world like a (well…) sledgehammer. They built a better mousetrap by keeping it simple and just doing it harder and faster than anyone else.

In case you don't have a turntable (and why not?), these tracks also made an appearance as bonus tracks on the CD reissue of Ramones first album. Altogether better on vinyl, though! Let them in.
Review Date: August 6 2008