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  Punch Your Country by Kill the King

Punch Your Country cover art

Artist: Kill the King
Title: Punch Your Country
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

Opening Jiffy bags can be a bit exciting. In this reviewing business, you just never know what will slip through the letterbox. There is just a CD in this one and it has come all the way from Seattle. The artwork for "Punch Your Country" from Kill the King looks to be indicative of an urban metal band and so it turns out to be. Only not an average urban metal band. Not by any means.

For one thing, the lyrics are well above the industry standard. There are vaguely political overtones much in the way that early (i.e. pre "bling") hip hop had. There is depth to the noise, if you like. Whilst "Why Should I" and "Coma" are straight out of the rock playbook, "NSA" is much more complex, like a disturbed rock opera. Credit must be given to the rhythmic power and control of drummer Pete Kerns who nails every song to the ground and prevents them drifting off into self indulgence. "Big Man" is pretty much the standout track. It starts all laidback and then comes straight at you like a battering ram. It's got a message and it delivers it with room shaking force.

On the downside is an over reliance - not uncommon in this genre - on near standard guitar riffs (at times, you thought you were trapped in the Quake soundtrack!). Having said that, these songs do have real impact. The riffs may be familiar but they are all in the right place and you can practically guarantee that this band will be outstanding live for ,musically and even bearing in mind the previous comments, they are spot on. They are young guys too, not rock dinosaurs, and this is a band that, for once, has something to say. This Bluesbunny hopes that they get an audience for they certainly deserve one.

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Review Date: August 10 2008