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  Origins Unknown by Eric Hogg

Origins Unknown cover art

Artist: Eric Hogg
Title: Origins Unknown
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

The world has no shortage of singer songwriters. In any major city or minor town, there will be bars and coffee shops replete with earnest young men and women plying their musical wares. There is always room for another (or so it seems…) and Canadian Eric Hogg emerges as a contender for the crown with the release of his album "Origins Unknown".

Barring the contribution of drummer Adam Sutherland, this is a solo effort with everything else being handled by our Mr Hogg. Fortunately, he does not follow the path to self indulgence and instead focuses his efforts on the very professional presentation of some well crafted songs. Hooks and melodies abound and you will find yourself unconsciously singing along with "Retribution" and the title track "Origins Unknown". Mind you, "Penetralia" does sound suspiciously familiar when we come to think of it. The key thing here, though, is the care that has gone into this album. It sounds as good as any major label release and this polish will make it welcome on many a car stereo.

Eric Hogg also manages to stay this side of tweeness throughout and there is a hint of folk influences in there that will widen his potential demographic. In short, this album does not contain the kind of music that changes your life but it will make the passing of your normal existence so much more pleasant. Somewhat grudgingly, we have to admit that this album is rather good indeed.
Review Date: August 10 2008