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  Make Me Smile by Let's Whisper

Make Me Smile cover art

Artist: Let's Whisper
Title: Make Me Smile
Catalogue Number: Wee Pop!020
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

More from the cutest record label on the planet. That's Wee Pop, of course and this three inch CD contains 6 tracks from Let's Whisper who, as all you tweepop fans will know, are Colin Clary and Dana Kaplan from The Smittens aided and abetted by a few other like minded souls.

As you might expect, there are tasteful harmonies that go all the way back in the time to bands like the Teddy Bears or maybe even The Lettermen. The lyrics may not be as sugary nowadays with even "When You Were Eating Ice Cream" being sharper than its sweet delivery might suggest. However, Let's Whisper are still a whole lot more wholesome than Motley Crue but it is gratifying to note that their views on life aren't all candy floss and coloured balloons as "Tender Circles" illustrates. "Open Road" is more like mainstream tweepop but is still a likeable song.

It seemed somewhat incongruous to be listening to this type of music whilst indulging in the excessive consumption of chilli vodka but it had been a long week. I know that I should hate this type of music - being the hard drinking soul man that I am - but I just can't. The performances are frequently so lightweight that they might just float away but the thing is that I wanted to float away with them. OK, I like it and it did what it said on the tin - it made me smile. Now leave me alone, can't you see I've been drinking…

Available from Wee Pop Records and its a limited edition release.
Review Date: August 20 2008