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  Let's Go Out and Get Fucked by Clinker

Let's Go Out and Get Fucked cover art

Artist: Clinker
Title: Let's Go Out and Get Fucked
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: EP
Release Year: 2008

Now there's a coincidence. There I was thinking about all those music festivals that happen during the summer and my mind wandered off into a history lesson on such matters. Woodstock, Altamont - all the big ones from the past came under the mental magnifying glass. Then I started humming a certain song but the thing was that it was not a blast from the past but from Clinker's new EP, "Let's Go Out and Get Fucked".

It could have been the spaced out hippie vibe of "It's Too Late" (actually it was…) but I found myself temporarily transported to better, more hopeful times. Thinking about the title track, "Let's Go Out and Get Fucked", it might well get itself mistaken for a stoner anthem but there is more to it than that. A commentary on apathy in society, perhaps? Choose drugs, not life - "… it's a natural thing to do". Yes to choice but no to responsibility and Clinker even manage to wrap that message up in a solid, hypnotic groove.

On this showing, Clinker present themselves like some sort of hybrid of George Harrison, The Loving Spoonful and The Stone Roses. They are a consistently interesting and intelligent band, however, and should be given plenty of credit for that. In fact, now that I reflect upon it, Clinker have a notable ability to adapt and change just a little bit with each release as if they are echoing, but not following, trends. When they finally get to where they are going musically - not far off, I would presume given the evidence - they will be more than a bit impressive.

This EP is a free download available from their website, by the way.
Review Date: August 24 2008