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  Long Hard Ride by Chris Edwards

Long Hard Ride cover art

Artist: Chris Edwards
Title: Long Hard Ride
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

Chris Edwards is a barrel of juxtapositions, or so says his MySpace page. Not sure what that actually means but you don't often get the opportunity to use a word like juxtaposition in a review very often…

Unfortunately, not many other words are necessary to describe this album. The songs are Ok with a couple of decent tracks such as "Quandary Town". The performance, however, does leave a lot to be desired. His vocals stumble about the songs like a drunken man, faltering often and often just plain falling flat. Likewise the instruments are played with a level of technical skill that never fails to disappoint - try the ineffectual guitar solo on "Rainy Summer Blues" for an example.

This is one album that fits right into the category of "must try harder". A lot harder, in fact, and perhaps concentrating on the song writing would be a better plan than trying to perform them.
Review Date: August 24 2008