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  Suburban Nietzsche Freak b/w Sunshine Corporation by Fuck Dress

Suburban Nietzsche Freak b/w Sunshine Corporation cover art

Artist: Fuck Dress
Title: Suburban Nietzsche Freak b/w Sunshine Corporation
Catalogue Number: NrOne Records
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Release Year: 2008

That indie rock sound strikes again, this time from Norwich based band Fuck Dress. All the necessary parts are present and correct - guitars doing loud power chords, robotic drumming and a chanting vocal. It's making my day already…

"Suburban Nietzsche Dream" - as it happens - does manage to step above the average haircut and drone contender for the student ear. There is intensity to the performance that catches your attention. It's in that hinterland between Siouxsie and The Fall being both somewhat art house whilst retaining a degree of aggression. Quite appealing, really. "Sunshine Corporation", however, turns out to be little more than a reprise of "Suburban Nietzsche Dream" with some middle England style rapping (or maybe a sermon would be a better description). Not very inspiring.

"Suburban Nietzsche Dream" easily hits the target that it has been aimed for and we reckon that Fuck Dress might have a few surprises for us in the future.
Review Date: August 24 2008