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  Goodbye Boyfriend EP by The Amphetameanies

Goodbye Boyfriend EP cover art

Artist: The Amphetameanies
Title: Goodbye Boyfriend EP
Catalogue Number: F&J Records
Review Format: EP
Release Year: 2008

The are some things that should be on vinyl and anything by Glasgow ska funsters The Amphetameanies is one of those things. Even better, it is a four track 33rpm EP as well.

Leading off things is a rather odd choice in "Goodbye Boyfriend". This recording is distinctly restrained compared to their notorious lively stage performances. It's a decent enough song but more like an album track than a single. Fortunately, there is better to come.

"He Must Be Hung" shows that sly, seaside humour that seasons much of this band's songs. Competition in matters of love is the subject of this one but what can one do when outmatched by an opponent, perhaps, as the lyrics suggest, "…is the answer in his pants?"

"Why Did Charlie Do It?" takes on a tour of alcoholic misadventure (The Amphetameanies are a top party band, by the way) and it is always good to hear a hard working horn section making an appearance as well. It's the kind of song that this band does well.

"Back in the Day" is rather more adventurous and seems rather different in tone with a hippie style groove cutting in right at the start with some wistful female vocals adding a bit of colour. Then it's back to that ska groove as the song's message of what it was like back in the days get put across. Punk and rave even get a mention. A history lesson in musical trends all wrapped up in less time than it takes to make a cup of tea but, hey, we all get older and more conventional. And then we all get fat (apparently).

It's all good natured stuff that brings a bit of sunshine to the miserable summer that we have suffered this year but the standout track is "Back in the Day". Bloody kids - they don't know they're born!
Review Date: August 31 2008