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  Blackouts and Polaroids by Miss Willie Brown

Blackouts and Polaroids cover art

Artist: Miss Willie Brown
Title: Blackouts and Polaroids
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

They might well take a drink and they might well know how to use a gun and they might well have been born of west Texas hell holes - or at least so it seems… Miss Willie Brown are not without a certain radio friendly conventionality, of course, as "Goodbye" and the Shania style power ballad "Rebel Woman" illustrate but you have to raise an eyebrow as they display their true colours in "Bonafied". It's that old subject of loving a cheating man but to use their own words, they "want to stab you in the face" even though they are ladies (?). Come to think of it, there was a song about girls from Texas on a Ry Cooder album and the basic gist of that was…don't mess with them! To round things off on this five track mini album is a very nearly over the top slab of sentiment called "Gospel Song" but the day is saved by the vocal performances of Miss Buckley and Miss Watkins.

You'd think that the Bluesbunny would learn that times have changed. Gingham dresses don't really have a place in modern country music any more (much as they don't really have a place in fashion either…). Miss Willie Brown are pretty much modern mainstream country in sound but distinguish themselves with an undercurrent of sly humour and judicious use of sharp instruments, both musical and bone handled.

Slickly presented and rather smarter than your average pretender to the country throne, Miss Willie Brown easily hit the mark.

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Review Date: September 2 2008