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  BANG! EP by Sweetback Sisters

BANG! EP cover art

Artist: Sweetback Sisters
Title: BANG! EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2006

If you've had a really shitty week and you feel like kickin' the bucket, then join the club! This fool could well be six feet under had it not been for beer and the delightful "BANG!" EP from The Sweetback Sisters, who play that good time honky tonk of old, that serves to remind that life could always be worse. Bust out the bourbon and savour the sounds!

An absence of self-composed material could do little to detract from the beauty of this six-track wonder but rather leaves the listener in hope that the band's own material (due early 2009!) will be a match to the renditions on this EP.

Be well involved in your drink before you hear "I've Forgotten More". A good song will always sounds better that way. "The Box", from the pen of Vic McAlpine, is pure 50s honky tonk and the girls do well to replicate the emotion that makes country music special. Who needs water for their spirits when you have music like this?

"Arkansas Sheik" sounds like the Wailin' Jennys if only their morals were that bit more relaxed and it makes a suitably frantic end to an EP that will physically resist your feeble attempts to remove it from your stereo.

Plenty of current acts will try to recreate that 50s sound but only a few will do so without sounding dated or tired. You'll enjoy The Sweetback Sisters like with most any liquor. Just make sure you do.

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Review Date: September 3 2008