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  Largarto by Montoya

Largarto cover art

Artist: Montoya
Title: Largarto
Catalogue Number: Erratic Music
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

Hopes were high for this CD. An Austin, Texas based Peruvian duo seemed like something that could have featured in a Robert Rodriguez movie with killer riffs with a Latin bent and weirder and wilder than Tito and the Tarantulas (with The Plugz, Tito's punk band, listed as an influence). However, and despite the promising guitar crash that opens the album, this turns out to be almost prog rock.

"Wenceslao" references Pink Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon and there is more than a hint of Canterbury band Caravan circa the early seventies in some of the songs. Washes of keyboard colour the album taking the edge off of any punk or frantic mariachi stylings one may have hoped for.

That said there is an oddly addictive side to the album. The Who like thrash of the opening song, the Blue Oyster Cultish keyboards on "I See You" and a nagging feeling that these guys have been listening to Todd Rundgren's back catalogue invite repeated listenings. The title track, "Largato" pulls it all together with a driving acoustic guitar, spacy keyboards, guitar spanking and apocalyptic lyrics. Anyone up for a South American Hawkwind?
Review Date: September 9 2008