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  Anton Mink by Anton Mink

Anton Mink cover art

Artist: Anton Mink
Title: Anton Mink
Catalogue Number: Rose Island Records
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2007

There's a coincidence for you. Anton Mink's self titled album was recorded in Glasgow, Kentucky and Bluesbunny is based in Glasgow, Scotland. Reason enough for a review, don't you think?

That whole indie rock thing seems to have made it through to Kentucky. Fortunately for us, fair amount of style has also made it through and been added into the mix. Things stay on the grungy side of the tracks but that kind of adds to the atmosphere and keeps things fro wandering off down some dark alley to the art house.  Whilst tracks like "Armies" are pretty much standard fayre, there is much more promise shown in songs like the theatrical "Unhappy" and the similarly dramatic "Walls".

The best thing about this album is undoubtedly the vocal abilities of Chloa Mardis. Her soul must occupy some hinterland haunted by Wendy O'Williams and Edith Piaf. In conclusion, this is an enjoyable album that stands up well to repeated plays.

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Review Date: September 15 2008