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  Rented Rooms EP by Howl on the Lonesome Road

Rented Rooms EP cover art

Artist: Howl on the Lonesome Road
Title: Rented Rooms EP
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

And here we have a singer songwriter form Glasgow with the blues. His name is Paul Sneddon and he trades under the name of Howl on the Lonesome Road.

Placing himself sonically somewhere between Billy Bragg and the blues, Howl on the Lonesome Road rattles somewhat awkwardly through 6 songs. Worryingly - and especially on "Got to Get Away" - his voice sounds more than a bit like Mark Knopler. His guitar skills do not, however, compete with those of Mr Knopfler.

The sound quality is not good (although that might well be a deliberate attempt to create that certain atmosphere?) and his vocal limitations are only too evident but a couple of the songs - like "For Tomorrow" - do hint that there is better to come.
Review Date: September 16 2008