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  We Are Not French by The French Quarter

We Are Not French cover art

Artist: The French Quarter
Title: We Are Not French
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

Names of bands are fascinating things. Sometimes they are made up with uniqueness in mind. Sometimes they reflect the band's music. Sometimes they must just be random and that could well be the case with The French Quarter as there seems to be no connection to New Orleans in their music.

In terms of musical direction, The French Quarter are on the moody, atmospheric side of indie rock. This may, unfortunately, make them popular with university students but you can't deny the commercial appeal of songs like "Shed Away". However, "Uni" and "Blue Light" sound like they are auditioning for a place on the soundtrack to a John Carpenter movie before we are given a rapid return to more familiar territory with "Hide".  Normally, droning vocals are a source of irritation but here they augment that overall "dark clouds on the horizon" feel.

This EP is a promising debut from a band that seems to be ticking all the fashionable Scottish boxes (the album was recorded at Chem19 studios and mastered by the redoubtable Geoff Allan). In this case, it is pleasing to note that substance has triumphed over style and that makes for a very welcome change.
Review Date: September 17 2008