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  Salsa con Dulzura by Jimmy Delgado

Salsa con Dulzura cover art

Artist: Jimmy Delgado
Title: Salsa con Dulzura
Catalogue Number: JD Records JD001
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2005

I won't dance, don't ask me. BluesBunny readily admits to his deficiencies on the dance floor. There is not much that will get the BluesBunny out of his seat (other than strong drink!). This CD did just that. Master percussionist Jimmy Delgado makes his mark with his debut CD. 11 fine examples of butt shaking intensity. You just can't stay still.

Played with intensity and passion, master of percussion Jimmy Delgado leads a stellar band with the confidence gained through many years of playing with the masters. BluesBunny loves a good brass section and particular praise is due for Richie Viruet's trumpet work on "Ritmo y Melodia" and "Ven a Mi".

BluesBunny might have two left feet but he was shaking his maracas to this one. Hot and devastatingly cool at the same time.
Review Date: June 21 2007