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  Microvictories by Brassica

Microvictories cover art

Artist: Brassica
Title: Microvictories
Catalogue Number: Tartaruga TTRCD002
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

Brainchild of London based electronic whizz kid Michael Anthony Wright, this album sits fair and square in that forbidding and sparsely populated area called experimental/ambient music. This Bluesbunny recalls musing to the likes of Eno, Gavin Bryars and even the Orb but for the most part enjoys a good old hoedown. So the challenge here is to see if these ten selections move me, intellectually or in a foot tapping sense. Strangely enough the answer (to some extent) is both.

We start off with "Conveyer Belt." Initially sounding as if one were in a clock makers, a rhythm builds up with burbling bass and sonic squeaks peeking through. The production and sound impresses here and indeed throughout the album. Of particular note is the percussive quality, drums pound, effects crackle, sticks and stones.

Although many of the pieces appear to be random improvisations at times they can build up a head of steam with primeval beats and driving propulsion. Track 4, "Untitled (Miniscuses)" has a wonderful, wooden, organic pulse." Mull (until the mind begins to blister)" throbs into view initially until various percussion instruments again take over and is reminiscent of the jungle soundtrack that the Grateful Dead's Mickey Hart provided for Coppolla's Apocalypse Now soundtrack. 

While this is not easy listening it does reward repeated plays. Imaginary films flicker in the mind's eye while Brassica whip up a storm or lull the listener into an odd sense of security.
Review Date: September 20 2008