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  Clubtraxxx I-III b/w Crow Call by Foot Village

Clubtraxxx I-III b/w Crow Call cover art

Artist: Foot Village
Title: Clubtraxxx I-III b/w Crow Call
Catalogue Number: Too Pure Pure 221S
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

Another release from the Too Pure Singles Club, this actually proved to be a welcome arrival at Bluesbunny Towers. As a series, it had pretty much lost its way of late and had fallen into the trap of releasing some uninspired and turgid indie rock. However, there is nothing uninspired or turgid about this release from Californian band Foot Village.

"Clubtraxxx I-III" is an odd one. Showing scant regard for melody and harmony, conventional song writing is abandoned to a riot of screaming and randomly punished percussion. Maybe its art house as I got the same buzz of this as I did with ESG's "You're No Good" way back in 1981. This band is almost out of control and the near incoherent structure of the song turns out to be its biggest asset. Not one that will easily be forgotten

On the flipside is "Crow Call". This is more conventional being a hybrid of electro, gay disco and industrial sounds. It too has the feeling of controlled chaos about it but in an after midnight dance club kind of way. As a dance song it works, but you are left wondering how.

So, not exactly a mainstream release but a welcome one nonetheless. It is probably unreasonable to expect this band to have widespread appeal but these two songs were far from uninteresting. To tell the truth, I'm not even sure that I like them but I sure as hell won't forget them in a hurry. Now that's a good thing!
Review Date: September 27 2008