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  A Better Answer by Stephen Dale Petit

A Better Answer cover art

Artist: Stephen Dale Petit
Title: A Better Answer
Catalogue Number: 333 Records
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

For a long established genre, the blues is perhaps unsurprisingly conservative. There are many practitioners of Friday night beer drinking blues available to our ears but the blues as the voice of protest is getting to be something of a rarity. Maybe the secret is to move the blues to a new location. Like the UK for example, and that's where you will find Stephen Dale Petit.

"A Better Answer" clatters out of the speakers in a manner more befittinf the Clash than a tranplanted bluesman. Mr Petit snarls and spits out the lyrics like a disenchanted punk desperate to get his message across. Putting the stamp on the envelope is the dirtiest, meanest guitar I've heard in a long time. It's got attitude, it's short (under 3 minutes) and it's the real deal. Best played - and I love saying this - loud!
Review Date: September 28 2008