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  Home Again b/w Searching Again by Edwyn Collins

Home Again b/w Searching Again cover art

Artist: Edwyn Collins
Title: Home Again b/w Searching Again
Catalogue Number: Heavenly HVN180
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

With all that Edwyn Collins has been through, you have to expect a bit of sentimentality. For that is what we get on this seven inch slab of vinyl.

"Home Again" is still recognisably the Edwyn Collins that we know and love but the acerbic wit has been replaced with a gentler,  more affectionate take on the world and its meaning. It is the kind of song that will find favour with many and indeed might well find a place in the repertoire of many a club singer in years to come. A sentimental crowd pleaser.

On the flipside is "Searching for The truth". This one is rather more awkward lyrically and sounds like a stripped down mid range Christian rock song or even one of those trendy modern hymns. God is not actually mentioned but he would fit right in without a problem.

It's all a bit Roger Whittaker but we all get old and feel the need for a woolly cardigan. Edwyn Collins is still a Scottish national treasure though.
Review Date: September 29 2008