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  Live in London by Nephu Huzzband

Live in London cover art

Artist: Nephu Huzzband
Title: Live in London
Catalogue Number: Deep Recording Co
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

Debut albums are important. A band has to make an impression or that all important second album won't get made. Nephu Huzzband have bravely decided to release a live album as their debut.

Straight off, it is clear that Tom Bentley's vocals have the necessary angst quotient to make this band a contender in the indie rock arena. "… And We Became Picasso Pieces" displays a bit of style to colour the underlying feeling of gloom due in no small part to some distinctly interesting drumming from the talented Rob Challinor. However, for a live album, there was also a bit of an oddity. The lack of an audience. The songs fade out quickly leaving no impression as to how they went down with the audience and likewise there is little clue during the tracks that this is a live recording.

It's not that this album is bad but Nephu Huzzband are treading a well worn path here and unfortunately there is nothing on display here that makes them stand out from the indie rock crowd. A case of too many influences and not enough individuality.
Review Date: October 7 2008