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  West 28th Street by Brigid Kaelin

West 28th Street cover art

Artist: Brigid Kaelin
Title: West 28th Street
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

You know something? This reviewing thing is sometimes a very enjoyable occupation. In amongst the mediocrity, you will always find a gem. A gem that restores your faith in music. It is with considerable pleasure that Bluesbunny introduces you to the talented Brigid Kaelin with her album "West 28th Street". She's from Louisville, Kentucky and, with this album, she establishes her credentials as a songwriter and performer of note.

So what's to look forward to in this album? Well, she snarls in best bitchy tradition in "Catty Woman Blues" as she berates - it's the best description that I, as a man, could think of - her ex boyfriend's new girlfriend  with " … you must give me the name of your hairdresser … 'cos your roots barely show at all". There's sentimentality aplenty in "Sunday Afternoon" and in the classic country styled "One More Last Kiss". It might sound conventional but you can feel the suppressed lust involved in "You Make We Wanna Go to Church". Underneath it all is an emotional fragility aligned with, of all things, determination and this unusual combination gives these songs their depth, making them accessible to everybody with a mind of their own (or to those who wish they had a mind of their own).

We like feisty women here at Bluesbunny Towers and Brigid Kaelin is one such woman. She shows intelligence, wry humour and compassion in her songs and in her performance making this is an album that will entertain and entrance you. Suffice to say that this album will take up a long term residence in the Bluesbunny CD player.

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Review Date: October 31 2008