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  We Call It Atlantis b/w The Four Rabbits by Vinnie Vegas

We Call It Atlantis b/w The Four Rabbits cover art

Artist: Vinnie Vegas
Title: We Call It Atlantis b/w The Four Rabbits
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: MP3
Release Year: 2008

I can't give you much background on Vinnie Vegas. All I know is that they are from Baltimore and there are five of them in the band (ah, the wonders of MySpace!).

"We Call It Atlantis" shows quite a bit of style moving through a rolling piano introduction, tempo changes and dancing guitars to a suitably dramatic finale. The male lead vocals did remind me of Terence Trent D'Arby (who, I hear you say?) but they manage to transcend the usual angst and bring some real soul to the proceedings. "The Four Rabbits" follows a similar approach, though, with heavier riffs making it all sound rather more stadium friendly. It's a big swaggering beast of a song, in other words.

You get a feeling of seriousness and dedication to the task in hand when you listen to these songs. A bit like post Police Sting in that it is so precisely structured that some of the fun seems to have been removed. That said, these two tracks are still far, far better the usual, dull as dishwater, unimaginative indie rock that is served up so regularly to us these days.
Review Date: October 13 2008