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  I’m A Hobo b/w Can of Beans by Punch & The Apostles

I’m A Hobo b/w Can of Beans cover art

Artist: Punch & The Apostles
Title: I’m A Hobo b/w Can of Beans
Catalogue Number: Lucky Number Nine LNN011
Review Format: 45
Release Year: 2008

Where do Lucky Number Nine Records find these bands? In a time when most companies have taken the approach of safety in mediocrity, this label unearths bands who aim to kick their way into your musical affections.

Starting off all nice and jazzy (for about 10 seconds…), "I'm A Hobo" manages to wrong foot you. Not jazz, you say, I'm just not made for jazz. Then the thunderous drums kick in and all hell breaks loose as the cataclysm of sound escapes from the speakers like the entire US Navy had decided to do show tunes instead of mass destruction. But there's more. A mournful break - like Elvis goes country - then time for a quick splash of insane guitar before the song tears off into the distance like a runaway train.

"Can of Beans" is a bit tamer. More conventionally jazzy - well, more conventionally jazzy in a David Byrne kind of way really. No shortage of energy here either, that's for sure.

It's safe to say that I liked this one a lot. Also available on vinyl (or so it says here anyway). My ears (and my dancing feet ) are invigorated once more.
Review Date: October 13 2008