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  A Collection of Gs, Cs and Ds by Lewis Irvine

A Collection of Gs, Cs and Ds cover art

Artist: Lewis Irvine
Title: A Collection of Gs, Cs and Ds
Catalogue Number: No catalogue number
Review Format: CD
Release Year: 2008

Another singer songwriter crosses the threshold at Bluesbunny Towers. This time he goes by the name of Lewis Irvine and he has presented us with a collection of seven and a half songs called "A Collection of Gs, Cs and Ds".

There's some decent songs on show here with the twee but sweet "I'm Not a Transexual but …" standing out. But that voice… Most of the time he sounds like he is trying to do a Tom Waits meets Captain Beefheart impersonation without the decades of cigarettes and whisky that would bring the necessary authenticity. The awkward vocal stylings - and he's not the only one guilty of this recently in Glasgow - detract from the songs and soon manage to irritate (just like the half thought out song tacked on way at the end of this CD, in fact). Liked the cover art, though.
Review Date: October 14 2008